Our Lady of Perpetual Sleepiness

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just a few quick thoughts before I get back to reading my depressing book, Salmon without Rivers, for Sustainable Communities:
  • There is this gross tree near where we park in the apartment complex. Whit and I did not know it was gross until, late one night, we shone the headlights of the car upon it. All of the roaches flooded out of it and scurried away. Ew ew ew. We don't park near that tree anymore.
  • I put together a birthday card for Catherine. While her birthday is not for another couple of weeks, she is in Africa, so it will be late by the time it gets there. Oh well. I included the Sunday crossword, some sudoku puzzles, celebrity gossip page, and a note from Trevor. I'm quite excited to send it someplace so far away.
  • Best Buy is holding my computer hostage. I was supposed to have it over a week ago, but they did not fix it and did not tell me until last Friday. Supposedly, I have water damage to not only the keyboard (which was broken), but the CD drive, PCMCIA slot, and the hard drive. Never mind the fact that everything else besides the keyboard worked befoe I sent it off. Or that everything but the keyboard worked all summer long, after the keyboard broker. AND THAT I NEVER SPILLED A DROP OF ANYTHING ON THE DAMN THING. Grrr to Toshiba and Best Buy. I still have 3 months on that warranty! So now I am waiting for it to be shipped back, and the only broken thing better be that keyboard...
Back to the massive depletion and near extinction of the salmon in the Pacific Northwest.


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