Our Lady of Perpetual Sleepiness

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Finally, this semester is over! I can't believe how fast it passed by. A quick wrap up:

  • October was spent freaking out over my Advanced GIS, which was so. amazingly. hard. I almost dropped it and then my mentor talked me out of it. I also developed shingles, due to stress, which was painful and not fun.
  • November brought my 22nd birthday, my ring dunking (61 seconds, which is acceptable, considering I did dark beer and didn't let it sit out for long), and more class related pain. I wrote one of the worst papers I have ever written in about 3 hours before it was due. I got a 95. Also, my Uncle Chet was ill the whole month and died in the hospital. I read this poem at his funeral: http://www.shakespeares-sonnets.com/55comm.htm. I think I'm still in shock.
  • December meant finals and Christmas parties for work. I made A's in all of my classes, which is nothing short of a miracle. Also, I discovered that I enjoy monster truck races, for their sheer displays of power and distruction. Chew on theat, Freud.
Now it's almost time for Christmas, and I have done no shopping- which is okay, because I have no money. Oh well. Maybe we will just watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and remember what the holiday is all about... or I will go sell some plasma later today. Hmmm...


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