Our Lady of Perpetual Sleepiness

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Whitney and I are such southern bunnies. Stranded by the ice storm of the past two days, I was finally forced to leave the apartment after the dryer broke during a load of laundry. Piling my wet clothes in the basket, I tried the top step. Icy and treacherous.

My mom had called yesterday and told me to stock up on sand. Yeah right. On Saturday, I stocked up with the essentials (food and movies), and vowed not to leave until it got back above freezing, so there was no way I was going out for sand.

Today, I saw that I did need said sand. However, being the smart girls that we are, we remembered that salt melts this so-called ice on our stairwell. A cannister of salt later, we inched down the stairs, my laundry basket in tow. Our neighbors poked their head out of the door to gawk at us. Perhaps they were watching to see if we would crack our heads open, and if we did, go fetch help. Or laugh.

So now my laundry is drying and hopefully it won't ice over again after all of our work. After I fetch the clothes, I don't have to be anywhere until 9 am tomorrow. Thanks ice storm, for delaying my dreaded last semester!


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