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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My friend Aaron says that I hate my blog. Poor thing, it has been suffering form a high degree of neglect. It's just that life, as always, finds new and interesting ways to throw me for a loop and completely befuddle me.

I am still living in the Rio Grande Valley and am in a much better place in my life than I was last fall. I decided to stop feeling so sorry for myself and made some hard decisions. It sometimes seems easier to not make a decision than it does to settle on something. Failing to act is harder to recover from than simply making the wrong decision. At least with making the wrong decision, you learn from your mistake and retain that knowledge and go on to do things differently. Failing to act only leaves regret.

Never would I have thought that I would make it this far into my commitment. I have been here for almost nine months, which is amazing when I thought I would go home before the end of the first. So when I look back to who I was in September and compare it to who I am today, I know I have changed. I can't really quantify how I am different- I just feel it. More reflection is needed.

So, in the gaps between November and today, I have:
  • Taken the GRE;
  • Applied to 5 graduate schools (UWashington, UWisconsin, Texas A&M, UArizona, and Penn State);
  • Been accepted at the last 3;
  • Committed to attending Penn State;
  • Ditched a roommate and moved apartments;
  • Written 3 grants totaling over 2.5 million dollars;
  • Found a fabulous mentor at work;
  • Become more assertive at work;
  • and lost 5 pounds by working out.

I'm trying to get some other things started in my life , such as expanding my cooking/baking skills and crafting more. I would post pictures of my creations, but lack a digital camera. Maybe I will take up drawing and post court recorder-like sketches of my life.

I'm content, yet not complacent.



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