Our Lady of Perpetual Sleepiness

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Clumsiness is a virtue?

I've been on a frugality kick, partially by choice. Mostly because my salary is so low, it is called a "stipend." The lifestyle changes that I have made mainly consist of me not buying things besides food or gas (though the Christmas season will change that) and eating out MUCH less. I eat out about twice a week. Anway, I enjoy cooking, so this wasn't really a big deal.

Until I became a casualty of the kitchen last night.

I was making an ad-hoc chicken pot pie, since we haven't gone grocery shopping in about two weeks. Seriously, we had a desicated squash, one carrot, five pounds of potatoes, some parmesan cheese, and frozen chicken breasts. I didn't want to go to the store yet, so I made do, no worries. Like Tim Gunn says, I made it work.

While setting aside the broth from the pan that I poached the chicken in, SOMETHING happened. I still quite can't figure what. Anyway, the bowl I was pouring from shattered and all I could process was "hot liquid, get away!" So I stepped back and slipped in the pool of chicken broth, landing on shards of bowl. I twisted my right ankle, bruised my left shoulder, and cut my hands up from the bowl.

It was a pretty hard fall, so now I'm still all achy. We ended up going to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Free chicken sandwich with the purchase of any combo? Heck yes, that is still frugality at work.

The pot pie came out really nice, so at least I have dinner made for tonight. After which I will make a trip to the grocery store.