Our Lady of Perpetual Sleepiness

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

After spending the afternoon deep in menial office labor, I decided to phone in dinner. Chicken with Broccoli, please. Delicious as always, Chef Cao's.

The evening only got better when there were not one but two episodes of House on tonight. Even though they were reruns. Reruns of House are probably better than 90% of new television programming. I had to cackle madly at several spots- mainly when Chase is sucking up to House, which is about 2 times per episode. The previews for the new episodes beginning on 9 January look so good. So so good. I can't wait!

Ugh, now I have to go finish writing my literature review. It just wants to be done.

Finally, this semester is over! I can't believe how fast it passed by. A quick wrap up:

  • October was spent freaking out over my Advanced GIS, which was so. amazingly. hard. I almost dropped it and then my mentor talked me out of it. I also developed shingles, due to stress, which was painful and not fun.
  • November brought my 22nd birthday, my ring dunking (61 seconds, which is acceptable, considering I did dark beer and didn't let it sit out for long), and more class related pain. I wrote one of the worst papers I have ever written in about 3 hours before it was due. I got a 95. Also, my Uncle Chet was ill the whole month and died in the hospital. I read this poem at his funeral: http://www.shakespeares-sonnets.com/55comm.htm. I think I'm still in shock.
  • December meant finals and Christmas parties for work. I made A's in all of my classes, which is nothing short of a miracle. Also, I discovered that I enjoy monster truck races, for their sheer displays of power and distruction. Chew on theat, Freud.
Now it's almost time for Christmas, and I have done no shopping- which is okay, because I have no money. Oh well. Maybe we will just watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and remember what the holiday is all about... or I will go sell some plasma later today. Hmmm...